Tuesday, May 26, 2009

i AM..

hi :) i am a newbie with this thing.

okay. i am mistilicious. im writing more of anything under the sun actually. all my thoughts and points of view.

i am a college student, a second courser. i have finished medical transcription and worked as an MT for more than a year and now, i have decided to pursue a degree in special education.

i am a self confessed techie, fashionista, cam whore and a FOODIE. i do much researches about the newest gadgets released in the market and cosmetics which have really good reviews. i am a cam whore and wants to have a background in photog 101 and a foodie because i love to eat. i love foods. pizzas, pasta, doughnuts, pinoy foods, roasted chicken, pastries. yumyum!
period. (that explains everything, lol)

i have lots of friends but i only have one best friend and its HIM up there. im not mabait or something, its just that i have a constant communication with HIM through my prayers and he knows me more than i know myself.

a taste of my interests in life. eventually youll get to know me more with my blog updates. i apologize in advance, i was never good with this. im an anything-goes person. god bless. =)


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