Tuesday, May 26, 2009

what i love about fb

facebook. another social networking site, much like friendster, myspace, and multiply but what is it with facebook that i love?

i heart facebook quizzes. i enjoy answering the different kinds of quizzes that are found in facebook and i also enjoy the results that i get after each quiz. the only thing i dont like is its last part wherein you are asked to check your friends' name so they can also answer that quiz, i dont enjoy that thing so i just simply skip that part hahaha :D

next, facebook's games. sorority life, glamour age, restaurant city, pet society and all the games you can play while still managing your facebook account.

the facebook's applications. ever since i was introduced to facebook i have always been wishing that all the gifts that were sent by you and to you are all real and not just virtual gifts. just imagine receiving different colors of havaianas from your friends. wow! hahaha :D

and the last part, you get to comment to your post and your friends' post. you can discuss anything with them PLUS you are free to chat with them even without YM or MSN. :)

i AM..

hi :) i am a newbie with this thing.

okay. i am mistilicious. im writing more of anything under the sun actually. all my thoughts and points of view.

i am a college student, a second courser. i have finished medical transcription and worked as an MT for more than a year and now, i have decided to pursue a degree in special education.

i am a self confessed techie, fashionista, cam whore and a FOODIE. i do much researches about the newest gadgets released in the market and cosmetics which have really good reviews. i am a cam whore and wants to have a background in photog 101 and a foodie because i love to eat. i love foods. pizzas, pasta, doughnuts, pinoy foods, roasted chicken, pastries. yumyum!
period. (that explains everything, lol)

i have lots of friends but i only have one best friend and its HIM up there. im not mabait or something, its just that i have a constant communication with HIM through my prayers and he knows me more than i know myself.

a taste of my interests in life. eventually youll get to know me more with my blog updates. i apologize in advance, i was never good with this. im an anything-goes person. god bless. =)